The Appreciation for One Woman's
Art and Painting Shop
Why Her Customers Keep Coming Back!

by Kimberly Thompson
(Cinci, OH.)

Best Customer Service . . .

My husband and I just recently returned from a family trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It was absolutely gorgeous there, and we wanted to capture our memories by purchasing a painting by one of the local artists.

We started out by going to some of the larger places near our hotel, but they were all so very expensive, and when we told the associates our budgets, we got some very rude and snotty responses about how we could not afford “custom” art at that price.

Discouraged, we started to head back to the hotel and came across a small shop with a sign advertising local art and antiques. It was much smaller than the other shops we had visited, so we decided we would stop in.

The moment we entered the store, the elderly lady behind the counter (who we shortly found out was the owner of the shop) offered to show us around and answer any questions we had, and also began asking us questions about what type of art we both liked and what inspired us to come to Hilton Head Island. Her demeanor was just so kind and friendly, and we explained to her the bad luck and terrible service we had at the other art places.

She responded with: “Well, I have lived here in Hilton Head my whole life, and have owned this shop for over 30 years, and I just recently lost my husband to a heart attack so my art and my shop are my life now. One thing is for certain: I have learned that you cannot PERSUADE someone to buy art. It has to be a decision that just comes naturally. I don’t personally believe that you should buy a piece of art that doesn’t give you inspiration, so whether it costs $20 or $200, you should pick out a piece that you both enjoy.”

We continued to peruse the shop, and she answered all of our questions and helped us pick out the perfect piece. I cannot tell you how friendly and unselfish this lady seemed. It just goes to show that the shop with the best outside appeal isn’t always the best in terms of customer service!

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