The Last Outing
With My Mother-In-Law

by Susan
(West Palm Beach, Florida)

I'll NEVER forget the last time I was able to take my mother-in-law out for a day with me. She was already confined to the wheelchair due to the cancer she was suffering from but it was an absolutely gorgeous day and she loved to shop and eat. I thought an afternoon at the mall and lunch at the local eatery was the perfect idea.

Well, as I was pushing her up a ramp, the wheelchair got stuck and she fell over and I couldn't help her up by myself. I was devastated and you can imagine how embarassed she must have been, but before the tears welled up in my eyes, the employees who saw our dilemma were right there to help us.

Two gently held her arms while one picked up the wheelchair and helped her get adjusted. Others were picking up our belongings, afterwhich they helped us get settled inside.

When the manager heard what happened, he quickly got us water and offered to call the ambulance (which she insisted we not do). She wasn't in the mood to shop anymore, but when the manager offered the two of us lunch on the house....she perked right up!!!

She passed away soon after that, but I'm glad she felt the kindness of strangers on her last outing.

It's a business like that that knows how to succeed!

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