The Time I was Treated as Royalty

by Shauna
(Gadsden, AL, USA)

Best Customer Service . . .

My friend and I were in Ohio because I had an out of town doctor appointment. So we decided to make our trip fun and shop for school clothes.

We went into this clothing store called Forever 21. We have a store like this back home so we already knew we would love what the store has. But we were unaware that it would be such a wonderful experience.

The workers would walk around the store and the minute your hands were full they would offer to start you a dressing room or add to yours. By the time my friend and I were finished they knew us by name. We had gotten so many clothes they had our clothes on racks.

The service was exceptional. They were helping us decide what to pick. It was as if we were a celebrity. They gave us exceptional treatment no matter how much we had to spend in their store.

It was the highlight of our trip. Next time we have a doctor appointment we will be stopping by.

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