The Walmart Story

by Angelica
(Seattle, Washington)

The Best Customer Service . . .

I am having a bad day so I decide to go shopping at Wal-mart. The minute I walk into the place, I am greeted and smiled at by a sales associate. Bah-humbug!

Then I notice that there's a sale on exercise pants...ooh, how much are they and do they have my size? I am frantically fingering the stack of folded pants looking for my size when a sales associate comes over. As if reading my mind, she asks if I would like her to find one in my size. Still having a bad day, I sort of grunt to her that I would, but she comes back almost instantly with the color of the one that I wanted, in my size!!

Next, I am searching for a bike helmet when another associate asks me if there is anything he can do to help. He explains that there isn't any helmets in the size I am looking for at this location, but there are some in the gardening section at the other end of the store...and would I wait a moment for him to go fetch some. A bit intrigued by the idea that these people would go to such great lengths for something that I might buy, I smile at him politely and say no thank you. Mind you, my spirits have already begun lifting.

Lastly, I am at the checkout and see that the line isn't moving, the customer at the head of the line is having problems with her card. An associate notices what is happening and opens a register, calling me first. She whipped up my purchases and apologized for the inconvenience, and even asked a fellow employee to help me to my car with my purchases.

Well, I declare, if that didn't have me in the best of moods by then, I figure, only the naughtiest chocolate cake will!

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