Three Mobile Rocks!!!!

by Divya Nambiar

I use 3 Mobile at my home for the internet broadband. The internet connection was good till a particular point of time. We paid 15 pounds for 15GB. One fine day, we had some urgent work online and tried to get connected to the internet, and it was not working. My husband and I tried it many times, but we were not able to connect.

My husband called Three mobile customer service and started firing left and right because he had the same problem a few days back also. They told him there was some planned work going on in our area, and they will contact us after two days once the work is done. They offered to give us 300MB extra for the trouble.

We were not satisfied initially but had decided to wait for two days. We recieved a call after two days saying everything was rectified, but we still had the problem that day and the day after.

My husband again called the customer care and asked them for an explanation. This time we told them that we were going to cancel the connection. They asked us to please wait for a month to cancel the connection, and that we need not pay the next months bill. It would be completely free.

So we decided to take a chance, and from the next day on, everything was perfectly alright. Because we had to deal with these issues, they have given us one whole months subscription completely free... We were so happy and impressed by their customer service, and hence decided to continue using 3 mobile.

This was the best customer service I have seen!!! Three mobile rocks!!!!

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