Thrift Stores Equal Big Impact For Little Money

by Brenda
(Fredericton, NB, Canada)

Thrift Store Coffee Table

Thrift Store Coffee Table

The absolute best way to decorate on a budget is to browse your local thrift stores, second-hand stores and Goodwill. You'll find all sorts of bargains on everything from furniture, to lighting, to candle sticks and picture frames. Browsing the local thrift stores is a great way to spend a Saturday, and you never know what little gem is waiting for you to discover it.

One of the best thrift store finds, and the perfect week-end make-over project is a vintage coffee table. Sometimes you can find one in pretty rough cosmetic shape for a couple of bucks. A coffee table is a quick and easy transformation. After a good cleaning and sanding, you can easily spray paint it a pretty color, re-stain and varnish it, or upholster the top to transform it into a funky "new" ottoman.

The same philosophy applies to dressers, tables, headboards and just about any other piece of wooden furniture. Be sure to always check and make sure the item is stable and in good structural condition. Quick fixes like a loose screw or a missing nail are no problem, but you want to be sure dresser drawers don't smell musty, and the wood has no major cracks.

Don't be afraid to tackle a furniture make-over project. If you pick up an inexpensive find at a thrift store, you can feel free to experiment without too much worry. Chances are, your "new", vintage turquoise coffee table will become your new favorite piece of furniture!

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