Turning my Modern Flat into an Old Country House

by Sandra
(Vienna, Wien, Austria)

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Although many of you that are totally in sync with the ultra modern, minimalistic, easy-to-clean, metal-meets-glass, one-color furniture and the rest of the smooth and shiney interior design trend of today will think I'm crazy, I have gone and done exactly what the title suggests.

Instead of oh-so-practical laminate flooring, I've opted for the real knotty hardwood boards that feel like wood and smell like wood and look like wood because, oh yes, they are wood!

Instead of bare-brick wall posters or look-alike tiles, I stuck actual mud bricks retrieved from a demolition site on two of my walls. My kitchen sink is not from Ikea vintage section but from the 19th century.

I've covered my PVC windows with heavy muslin drapes and the only furniture parts made of glass are the vitrine panes on the china-cupboard. The sofas and armchairs are adorned with a full specter of colors and shapes, mostly flowers, while lace tablecloths are laid over tables.

And the list goes on and on, however, I can't but mention the gas stove which had to go through various checks before my husband agreed to take it in. And now, my haven awaits for me to come home to from the 21st century.

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