Unbelievable Customer Service

by Sajin

Best Customer Service . . .

I would like to share my experience from Ford.

Once my car was not in good condition, and I was also not in the best situation to take it to the service center. I just made a call to the service center, and asked them for a date for servicing my car.

But, to my surprise, the customer care representative made arrangements for the workshop man to come and get my car. He also made an alternate arrangement by providing another car for me in case of an emergency.

This was really a surprise.

I never expected such a move from the service department. Also, I felt a remarkable quality in their service. In my life, I have never experienced such a valuable and helpful service department.

Normally they just work to clear our issues, and do not care about our inconveniences. I would say, good customer service is not just clearing the issues, or keeping business etiquette, but should also try to accomodate the inconvenience of the customer.

I think good customer care service requires a skilled professional, since they need to be sensitivite to the custumers needs and inconveniences.

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