Very Girly Decorating

by Ani
(Tampa, FL, USA)

Women who have great tastes should also decorate their house with taste and style!

You must include lots of pinks, greens, and purples. For a 2 bedroom apartment the door can be off-white with a bumper sticker on it with lavender colors that says ENTER A WOMAN'S WORLD IF YOU DARE!

The living room should be green to relax any guest and have lavender color soft sofas and a yellow recliner chair. The living room can also be split into two parts: the sitting room and the dining room.

Your bathroom doesn't have to be the ordinary tub and toilet, make it sexier by adding a pink Jacuzzi, a very wide mirror and don't forget to add SpongeBob stickers on the ceiling! A soft fuzzy pink carpet can be spread all over the floor and special air fresheners which remind one of a garden.

As for the bedrooms, let them be dimmed, lighted with at least 10 candles, a queen size bed with one blanket only. Think of a rose-like chandelier which has a million light bulbs to give that special glow when you eventually turn on the lights.

The kitchen can be entirely yellow with green tiles and a pink ceiling. Keep lots of pictures hung on the walls with different photos and recipes of delicious dishes from different cuisines. Only keep glass and crystal cups on the top of the shelves and label them with stickers!

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