Wall Mirrors for Home Decor

by Kirti

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Mirrors are made up of glass with one side coated. These are used for many different purposes such as for personal grooming, for lasers, for televisions, for cameras, for telescopes, etc. But now days, mirrors are also used for decorative purposes.

The decorative mirrors used for walls are commonly known as wall mirrors. In my home, since the rooms are not big, I have made use of mirrors of different dimensions and styles which creates a bigger look to the room as well as gives a classy look to the wall.

The wall mirrors come in different sizes and shapes like square, rectangle, oval, round etc. These wall mirrors can be used with or without frames. The mirrors with frames augment the style and beauty of the mirror. The frames can be made of plastic, iron, aluminum and wood.

Wall mirrors can be mounted at any level for practical viewing or purely for decorative purposes. They can add depth to a room when grouped with other pieces.

As per the d├ęcor of the room, wall mirrors can be mounted in a position to enhance the beauty of the objects also. The mirrors are placed in perfect combination with furniture of the room to provide class, glamor and sophistication.

Wall mirrors are extensively used in drawing rooms, bedrooms, living room, kitchens, and bathrooms.

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