Who Makes the Best Water Jet Machine?
Who Offers the Best Service?

Water Jet Machine Reviews . . .

Are you looking to buy a new or used abrasive waterjet machine? Do you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the various makes and models available?

What about parts and service? How important is it to own a waterjet machine if it is always broken?

If you own, operate, or maintain a water jet, take a few moments and share your experiences about the particular machine you are familiar with. Tell our visitors what you like about it, and what there is, if anything, that bothers you about it.

A waterjet is a high maintenance machine. Typical machine operators deal with very high water pressures, with abrasives chewing away at various aspects of the machine, with heat compromising pump seals, and a passle of mechanical valve issues. Just to name a few.

A machine that is not in service is a machine that is costing money instead of making money.

Have You Had Experience
Operating or Maintaining an
Abrasive Waterjet Machine?

Waterjet Machine Reviews . . .

I am looking for honest reviews of abrasive waterjet cutting systems. Tell us the good and the bad. Don't be negative, just be honest.

If it's a great machine, say so! If the service department is slow, and can't get it right, say so!

Some of our visitors are looking to buy a machine and would greatly appreciate your honest review of the brands that you are familiar with.

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Flow Machines are Good but Flowparts are Not! 
Water jet cutting reviews . . . I am very happy with my Flow machine. It is an 87k dynamic 6x12, but Flowparts as a web site has got to be the palest …

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