Wood Camp Stoves
NOT What You Think!

by Vaughn

Stump Grill Adjusted for Briquettes

Stump Grill Adjusted for Briquettes

Wood Camp Stoves . . . Introducing the Stump Stove!

The unique patent pending design of the Stump Stove enables the combustion of the wood to be on the inside of the log. This provides an insulator under and around the fire. This design also elevates the heat source, thereby greatly reducing the chance of injuries, especially for children, by eliminating the need to lean over the fire. In fact, during the earlier stages of combustion, a competent adult can actually pick up and move a burning stump stove to a more desirable location. This insulative feature also allows you to quickly set up a camp fire on your grass or concrete patio, or even on ice or snow. Because it won't melt into the snow, it's perfect for ice fishers, pond skaters, and snow enthusiasts.

The Stump Stove design also reduces the chance of starting a wildfire by containing any horizontally projected sparks.

Stump Stoves can burn up to five times longer than traditional cut firewood, and can be extinguished and reignited multiple times. This not only saves you money, but more importantly, it conserves precious natural resources and reduces atmospheric and campsite pollution.

You can "stick roast" hotdogs, marshmallows, etc, over a Stump Stove just as you would a traditional campfire. In addition, you may place a grill, griddle, frying pan, kettle, or pot directly on top of the burning stove. Optionally, you can use an adjustable grill stand or heat deflection plate to adjust the intensity of the heat. Note: A better cooking fire is obtained later in the burn lifecycle after the fire subsides to a warm glow.

Drown the Stump Stove with water for a quick out, or if you don't plan to re-use the stove, you can let it burn out on its own.

Shipping and Storage:
If a Stump Stove is in a situation where it may be subjected to moisture, such as rain or snow, ship or store it upside down to prevent the inner combustion chamber from getting wet. Keep the starting kit tucked inside the combustion chamber so that it will stay dry and ready for use.

The pictures above show the patent pending Stump Grill one of the accessories that Wet Jet Precision manufactures for the Stump Stove.

The Stump Grill provides flexibility for any outdoor enthusiast. It provides a perfect grill for the Stump Stove as well as a cooking grill for traditional briquettes.

Many "outdoor chefs" appreciate the ability to use their favorite flavored woods, such as hickory or mesquite, for cooking their steaks.

The Stump Grill sports a 16" diameter x 5" fire pan and when assembled stands 12 inches off the ground. This meets or exceeds the fire pit requirements for most governing agencies. It also has a hole at the base of the legs for tent pegging into the ground for additional fire safety measures.

The Stump Grill assembles and disassembles in mere seconds. It comes standard in a black color and weighs about 8 lbs.

A beautiful Stump Grill canvas bag is also available for carrying and storage.

To see pictures of the actual stoves in action, or to purchase the Stump Stove or Stump Grill, go to StumpStove.com.

Don't leave home without one.

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NOT What You Think!

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Oct 27, 2010
The REAL inventor of the "Stump Stove"
by: Andrew Farley

I agree it is a great idea because I invented it. Hello, My name is Andrew Farley. The first three letters of my last name, FAR-ley, is the name of my invention, The FAR-LOG. I have been making these and give them away for FREE, but the person who is selling the other FAR-LOG has the name Stump-Stove. I never patented my idea, I don't have the money and besides, I want everyone to know how to make their own and not charge FIFTY DOLLARS for a piece of wood with a hole in it. So I got on FACEBOOK and it shows EVERYONE how to make their own along with other fun things to do with a FAR-LOG. So, get the real deal and don't waste your money on a log with a hole in it. Hell, I'll give you one for FREE! We have FAR-TIKI-LOGS that are made from palm trees for bright lights and we have Mesquite FAR-LOGS for flavorful cooking. Facebook under FAR-LOG. thanx

Mar 12, 2010
Why Didn't I Think of That!
by: Anonymous

This stump stove has to be the simplest invention I have ever seen. How many other simple solutions do we walk right by everyday in our quest for the technological edge. This is a simple solution to an age old problem. How do I stay warm and cooke my food? It is so much more effective than packing loose wood into your campsite, etc. Kudos to the inventors.

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