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Male Birthday Gift Ideas . . .

I remember when I was a boy, I bought my little brother a gift that I really wanted for myself. I thought it was a great idea because I could "borrow" it from him. Times have changed, but have they really? We all enjoy sharing in the gift at one level or another.

Men, in general, like the exciting, the new, the unique, the humorous and fun gift. But more than anything they like something that is useful. Birthday gift ideas for men that incorporate all of the above attributes, are true ringers.

Sometimes, that usefulness comes in the form of a vacation with no strings attached, or some technological gadget that requires some degree of intelligence to operate it.

The better you know the man, the better you know what birthday gift ideas he will enjoy. Most men enjoy gifts they can share.

Maybe not in the same way that I anticipated "borrowing" the gift I gave to my little brother, but perhaps more in a "show-off" manner.

Either way, something unique, something that brings out the "surprise element" without embarrassment, always works well.

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