Personalized Birthday Gifts... Created to Last Generations!

Your Great, Great Grandchild says...
"Hey, look at that silhouette of Great, Great Grandpa, I have his nose!"

" How Cool! I wonder if one of my great, great grandchildren will have his nose too!"

Personalized Birthday Gifts…

Kinda tickles me to think about this silhouette art.

The best birthday gifts are personalized gifts, unique gifts.

Have you ever wondered about the physical uniqueness of your early ancestors? The “ski slope” nose? How about that protruding forehead? That rounded chin? Or is that two chins I’m seeing?

Wow, what a great birthday gift! Cut out of steel mind you! I’m talking “permanent”! Memorializing names, dates, and occasions. What about color? Do silhouettes have to be black silhouettes? I think I’ll make it his favorite color! And this font, it looks just like him!

Generations, will thank me.

Personalized Birthday Gifts, Hmmm! Where do I start? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

    Take a profile picture of the birthday gift candidate. You will get the best profile results if the picture is taken in front of a plain white wall or backdrop. Also, the results are better if the birthday gift recipient is wearing a solid color shirt or top. What I’m looking for is image contrast.

    Save a copy of this picture in one of the common picture file formats. Attach the file to an email along with the words, birth date, age, or occasion that you are memorializing. Choose a color, even if it is going to be black.

    Select a specified font for his birthday gift words. Look at the font in the sample below. Take notice of the letter “o” in Joe. Depending on your chosen font, we will need to do some customizing. Not a big deal.

Options. . .

Basic 16” Silhouette Art designed and cut from 1/8” mild steel. . .$38.00

Add for each letter in the text. . . $ 1.00

Add for powder coating. . .$30.00

Add for optional picture cut out with frame and glass insert. . .$28.00

Add for optional picture frame. . .$18.00

Personalized birthday gifts using silhouette art are unique, "one-of-a-kind gifts, making them among the best birthday gifts you'll find.

For other custom gift giving options, including Silhouette Art, a Personalized Pocket Knife, a Custom Metal Sign, Funny Signs, Custom Sign Manufacturing, Metal Wall Decor, or including Stone Medallions, let us help with your ideas . . .

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Personalized Birthday Gifts

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